Car & Van Window Tinting

Does the glare and heat of the sun bother you while driving? Heat rejection and a custom look for your auto are the two reasons most people consider auto window tinting.

The owners of this vehicle requested we use Hüper Optik film, not only to provide personal comfort and privacy, but also to afford excellent protection for the full leather interior!

Ceramic Series? • Superb durability • Resistance to salt content environment • High total solar energy rejection • High ultraviolet rejection; greater than 99% • 100% dye-free and
100% metal-free • Scratch-resistant hardcoat • Natural tone with low reflectivity In the last few years several of the major manufacturers involved in making window film have gone to great expense in developing a product that gives heat rejection rates of over 60%. Glare reduction and protection from UVA and UVB rays that harm your car's interior are also excellent reasons to purchase tinting.

An important consideration in your decision to purchase tinting would be the years of comfort a quality tinting product will give you and your vehicle. Dollar for dollar, window tinting for your car improves the looks and protects your interior better than any other aftermarket product available anywhere.

Window Film Group offers a selection of superior quality automotive window tinting to fit your needs. We have film grades and tints to match your vehicle as well as your budget. Our window films offer higher heat rejection, the best optical clarity and enhanced visibility. We provide state of the art custom fitting to your vehicle.

Benefits - Reduces the heat in your vehicle - More comfort and a whole lot safer - Eliminates harmful UV rays - Protects interior components such as leather seats and dashes.

Truck Window Tinting

Tinting the windows of your truck is one of the most effective modifications you will ever make, and not just from an aesthetic perspective.

Tinted windows can keep the sun out of your truck's passenger compartment and combat the "greenhouse effect" that can raise inside temperatures, and they're also great for boosting vehicle privacy.

The key to truck window tinting is simple: "pay for professional work". The care and skill with which a professional can tint your windows is well worth paying for given the tedium and difficulty of applying your own home tint, not to mention the invariable streaking and bubbles that most inexperienced DIY installers suffer from. There's also the fact that window tint is VERY difficult to remove once it's been installed. If you mess up and have to redo a window or two, you'll wish you had skipped the entire process and paid for a professional. The mileage many trucks travel make window tinting a "must" for safety, comfort, and privacy on a long journey.

Some quality window tints are often a hybrid film that incorporates both metallic flake and dye. Dye-only films are the least expensive option and they're great for absorbing heat, but their low reflectivity ultimately results in gradual fading (over a period of years). Metallic films can give a mirror-like finish, but that's not a very popular option in vehicle tints. Not only is a mirror-like tint often illegal, it's also not very good at keeping the interior cool. We believe we have the best films at Window Film Group with Hüper Optik and Johnson Window Films.

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