Thermal Window Film/Tinting

Your Windows Could Be Costing You A Fortune!

Single glazed window are by far the largest culprit of heat loss in your home, and it is costing you money. More importantly, your windows are compromising your lifestyle and possibly your family's health.

What is the solution?

Up until recently the only solution available was Double Glazing, while a good solution, it is a very expensive (30K+) solution and for many, not an option. We have a solution which is far more cost effective, it's as good as double glazing in keeping the heat in during the winter and the home cooler in the summer, it won't compromise on your lifestyle and your families health, and will save you money on energy costs, effectively proving you a return on your investment, let alone saving you a fortune when compared to double Glazing.
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Our Solution?

The solution is Thermal Window Film. We offer two high-tech products to meet your requirements and fulfilling your desired objectives.

For example, one of our products is the…


This product is GURANTEED to save you an energy costs all year round!!

With its innovative dual-action technology combining a low-e coating and its unique solar control properties, Ecolux™ 70 ensures indoor comfort in all seasons. Installed on windows, it helps significantly reduce both summer and winter energy consumption. Lower heating bills guaranteed!

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  • Energy savings: by reducing heat transfer and slowing ultraviolet and infra-red rays, films reduce energy consumption
  • Visual comfort: the films reduce glare
  • Solar protection: Solar Gard films stop more than 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays. As a result of this property, the films have gained the endorsement of the American Skin Cancer Foundation. The films also reduce furniture and furnishing fading indoors
  • High visible light transmission: This will maximise your natural light and allow you privacy to enjoy a clear view from your window.

  • In a Nut Shell it will ….

  • Help to save money on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs
  • Help you to consume less energy
  • Provide solar heat and glare protection for improved comfort
  • Protect people and property from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Enhance the curb appeal and privacy of your home or building
  • Improves the strength of your glass keeping in intact in case of breakage.
  • Help your home in providing health benefits to the family and improve lifestyle.

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